The Rutgers Anthologist

The feature publication of the graduates, undergraduates and faculty of

 Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey.







Vol.12, No.1. Freshman Issue, 1937.


Vol.12, No.2. Soph Hop Issue, (March-April) 1937.


Vol.18, No.3. February, 1947.


Vol.18, No.4. March, 1947.


Vol.18, No.5. May, 1947. Commencement Issue.


Vol.21, No.5. May, 1950. Graduation Issue.


 Vol.23, No.1. Autumn, 1951.


Vol.23, No.2. Winter, 1952.


Vol.23, No.3. March 1952


Vol.24, No.1. October, 1952.


Vol.71, No.1. Fall, 1999.


Vol.70, No.2. Spring, 1999.


Issue 1. Fall 2009.