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I have gathered a large number of items related to the history of Rutgers University and the City of New Brunswick. On this page you will find my experiments at displaying some of that collection.


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Rutgers College and University


Rutgers Postcards   - Some of my Rutgers post card collection. (More to come)


Handbooks, guides, catalogues and directories to Rutgers from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.


Images from my collection (Rutgers and NJC/Douglass)


Unidentified images. Here is a group of carte de visites that came in a lot with other identified Rutgers students. They are probably students from the late 1860s and 1870s, but save for one with some tantalizing writing on it, they are unlabeled. Do you recognize any of them? An ancestor perhaps? Let me know! contact@kenlew.email.com

Some images of The Class of 1903 (My first attempt at frames)


The Class of 1862 - These are images from an 1862 "yearbook" that was compiled for the class. It has the signatures of each student as well as some extra info like their town of residence or fraternity affiliation.


The Class of 1923 - A collection of original snapshots used to produce the 1923 Scarlet Letter. In this era, the junior class produced the yearbook, so the photos probably date from 1922.


The James A. Murry Jr. Image Collection. James studied at Rutgers University, majoring in Journalism and graduating with a Bachelor of Letters (Litt. B.) degree in 1950, with minors in English and history. He also played football and was a star javelin thrower on the track and field team. He went on to have careers as a journalist and writer. Click here to read his complete obituary.

Tickets and tickets stubs from various university events (With a little New Brunswick mixed in)


Miscellaneous Rutgers items including jewelry, pinback buttons, student letters, sports cards and schedules, posters, paperwork, tobacco premiums, and all kinds of stuff. Take a look!


Rutgers alumni publications including magazines, class updates, and mailings.

The Scarlet Letter. The Annual Yearbook of Rutgers College and Rutgers University.

Rutgers student publications including The Targum, Chanticleer, The Rutgers Anthologist and more.

Programs and various items from Rutgers University events.


Annual Reports of the Rutgers Scientific School.


Dance Cards from various Rutgers events - A dance card or programme du bal (also known by its German-language name, Tanzkarte) is used by a woman to record the names of the gentlemen with whom she intends to dance each successive dance at a formal ball. They appear to have originated in the 18th century, but their use first became widespread in 19th century Vienna, especially at the massive balls during Fasching before Lent. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first published use of the term in English was in 1892.An actual dance card is typically a booklet with a decorative cover, listing dance titles, composers, and the person with whom the woman intended to dance. Typically, it would have a cover indicating the sponsoring organization of the ball and a decorative cord by which it could be attached to a lady's wrist or ball gown. (From Wikipedia)


Addresses at the Inauguration of Merrill Edwards Gates as President of Rutgers College. 1882.


Songs of Rutgers - a collection of songs in use by the Glee Club and students of Rutgers College. Compiled and edited by Frank S. Scudder. 1885.


The Peerless Quartet Sings "On The Banks" circa 1915  - The Peerless Quartet, (known as the Columbia Quartet prior to 1908), was a vocal group from the acoustic (pre-electric recording) era. The lead singer and later manager was Henry Burr. The group made hundreds of recordings between 1904 and 1928, including popular versions of hits such as Sweet Adeline, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, and I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad. While no official "Billboard" chart existed during the Peerless Quartet's career, the magazine's staff archivist Joel Whitburn, using a variety of sources, estimates the group had 108 "charting" singles, the 9th-most of the pre-rock period. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


A Message to Rutgers Men from Lansing P. Shield.


Christmas Music - An Album of Traditional Carols sung by the Rutgers University Glee Club. 1950.


Journal of the Rutgers University Library - Vol.1, No.1. December 1937.


1912 Rutgers Calendar showing college life from one hundred years ago. The cover of this calendar is a sheet of embossed leather.


Song Book - Gamma Zeta of Delta Sigma Phi - 1967


Does it Pay? - Baccalaureate Sermon Preached June 17, 1906 to the Graduating Class of Rutgers College.


Scarlet Fever - The Bulletin of The Rutgers Chapter of Delta Upsilon. 1910


Research in Panama for Rutgers University. September – December, 1944. The research concerned the transmission and reception of sound in jungle environments. A paper written by Carl F. Eyring, published in the October 1946 edition of The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, can be found here.

Interscholastic Track and Field Meet under the Auspices of Rutgers College A.A. May 19, 1906.


Report from Rutgers - A Brief Report from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.


Rutgers Rah! Published by the Department of Alumni Relations in cooperation with the Department of Public Relations.


Goalpost Gazette - Published by the Department of Alumni Relations of Rutgers University as a service to the Alumni


Rutgers Athletic News - Published by the Departments of Public Relations and Athletics.


Proposal for the location of the National Football Shrine and Hall of Fame to be located in New Brunswick, NJ. 1949.


The Leland E. Holbrook Collection - Getting started at the University in 1962.


Albert Stanburrough Cook - A Tribute by Charles W. Whitman. Reprinted from the Rutgers Alumni Monthly Vol.VII, No.2. November, 1927.


Rutgers Atlantic 10 Tournament Info Booklet. 1990.


Rutgers and New Brunswick First day postal covers (and a few other postal things) - A First Day Cover (FDC) is an envelope or card bearing a stamp which is cancelled on the day the stamp is initially placed on sale by the postal authorities. Along with the stamp and postal cancel, covers often include a cachet (pronounced ka-shay), which compliments or tells something about the stamp.


1957-1958 WRSU Rutgers and Douglass Social and Academic Calendar.


WRSU 88.7 FM Information Packet. 1999-2000.


WRSU Program Guide. Fall, 2000.


WRSU Program Guide. Spring, 2004.


Petition to the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity from Phi Lambda Sigma Fraternity of Rutgers University. Issued by the Fraternity February 1, 1931.


Rutgers and the American Way of Life by Philip Van Doren Stern. 1941.


Reconstruction of an American College. Some Proposals for Rutgers College by Warren I. Susman. October, 1968.

An unknown Latin document. Can you read it? Let me know!

The Letters of Elihu Doty - Elihu Doty (20 September 1809 – 30 November 1864) was an American missionary to China. He was responsible for the first textbook of Southern Min in English. Along with John Van Nest Talmage he is credited with the invention of Peh-oe-ji, the most common orthography used to write Southern Min.He studied first at Rutgers College and later at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

An article about Elihu and his letters titled “ELIHU DOTY’S GARDEN ~ New Brunswick, Borneo, and China” By Jean R. Walton can be found in the November 2004 issue of the Journal of the New Jersey Postal History Society (http://njpostalhistory.org/media/archive/156-nov04njph.pdf)

Newark Sunday News Magazine Section V, December 11, 1955 (Reprinted by the Sunday News). Part of the “Colleges of New Jersey” Series.

Duties of Leaders and Privates in A Fire Action. Rutgers College Cadet Corps. March 20, 1918.

Proposal for Progress In Public Higher Education for New Jersey. November 25, 1955.

Life at Rutgers. 1939.

Memo RE: Centrex telephone system conversion. September 29, 1971.

Precision. College of Engineering, Rutgers University. Vol.4, 1991.

A.B. Roome Scrapbook. Allison Burton Roome was born in Pequanac N.J. in 1874 and graduated from Rutgers with a B.Sc in 1896. Over the next ten years or so, he used a copy of the 1897 Scarlet Letter to create a scrapbook. The items pasted inside include family photos, sights around New Jersey and New York, as well as his interest in yacht racing. While most of the original pages are completely obscured or missing, Roome left the portions pertaining to himself and the class of ’96 visible.  A fascinating document of early 20th century life. To see what the original 1897 Scarlet Letter looks like, check out this page from the Rutgers University Library RUcore project: https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/rutgers-lib/41307/ (Click on the cover image to see the full text.)

Drugs: Realities and Reactions. Rutgers, 1969.

Generation Q Zine. Vol.1, No.2.September 1996.

Statement of the President – Rutgers College. 1910-1911

Leonard Kip Van Dyck Letters. A Young man in the Rutgers Class of 1911 writes a few notes to his little sister.

“Ever Changing, Yet Eternally the Same.” Four letters in support of the 1955 Rutgers reorganization proposal.

Guide to University Facilities. Updated 12-1997.

Archibald F. Graham Scrapbook. 1923. Sometime in the 1920s, Archibald Graham purchased a mass-produced college scrapbook and had it personalized for his time at Rutgers. He filled it with may interesting items, although he did leave many pages sadly empty.

Abraham Thompson Correspondence. Correspondence addressed to Abraham Thompson (A.M. Rutgers 1860, N.B. Sem., 1861). Thompson was Headmaster (Rector) of the Rutgers Grammar School from 1874 to 1876. Some of the correspondence touches on the possibility of his taking that position.



University College

Dedicated to serving the needs of adult, nontraditional students at Rutgers.


Untitled - The Magazine of Rutgers University College.


Bulletin of Rutgers University, Series 26, No.28. June 5, 1950. University College Evening Sessions Issue. Patterson Division.


Bulletin of Rutgers University, 27th Series, No.14. March 1, 1951. Evening Session Issue 1951-1952. Newark and New Brunswick Divisions, University College.


The Lamplighter - Rutgers University, University College, Patterson Division. Vol.2, 1953.


The Lamplighter - Rutgers University, University College, Patterson Division. Vol.4, 1955.


Evening Collegian. Published by Rutgers University with the Co-operation of Evening Students at the State University. Vol.06, No.03. January 24, 1956.


Evening Collegian. Published by Rutgers University with the Co-operation of Evening Students at the State University. Vol.06, No.04. March 15, 1956.


University College Student Handbook. Published by the Office of the Dean of Students for University College Students in Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, Patterson and Jersey City. 1957-1958.

Parking and Traffic Regulations for University College, University Extension, and Part Time Graduate Students. 1967.




Rutgers Preparatory School



Rutgers Preparatory School. 1894.


Ye Dial. The Yearbook of the Rutgers Preparatory school.


Viewbook - Rutgers Preparatory School. 1920.


Dance Card - Rutgers Preparatory School Football Dance. December 5, 1924.


Dance Card - Rutgers Preparatory School Senior Dance, Class of 1925. June 17, 1925.


Tom Brown at Rutgers - Life at Rutgers Prep in the 1930s.


Argo. Monthly Publication of the Rutgers Prep School.


Rutgers Preparatory School 167th Commencement. June 15, 1933.


Rutgers Preparatory School - Annual Catalog. 1940.



Douglass College

(Formerly the New Jersey College for Women)



1922 Quair - This is the very first issue of the NJC / Douglass Yearbook.


Programs from various NJC / Douglass College events.


NJC / Douglass Dance Cards.


Miscellaneous items from NJC/Douglass


NJC / Douglass Handbooks - Your guide to everything NJC and Douglass.


NJC / Douglass Alumnae Publications - Read some (very) old back issues of Alumnae publications.


NJC / Douglass Student Publications including The Campus News, The Horn Book, and more.


Katherine Ewald NJC Snapshot Album - Views of the NJC Campus and campus life from 1925 to 1930.


Ann Zid NJC Snapshot Album - Views of the NJC Campus and campus life in the late 1930s. Note: The missing photo on the 7th page labeled “Dean Corwin’s Residence” is probably the Douglass Writing Center, 135 George St.


Historical Data on Douglass College. Prepared by the Office of Public Relations February, 1958. Revised March, 1960.


Historical Data on Douglass College, Rutgers The State University Book II - Traditions-Events-Organizations - June 1960. (Download as a .pdf, 12 mb)


Cook Book of the Ex-Presidents Club of the Third District N.J.S.F.W.C. - 1925 - Compiled from recipes contributed by members of Clubs of the Third District, and to be sold for the benefit of the Fund for the Music Studio at the New Jersey College for Women at New Brunswick New Jersey.


Songs of N.J.C. 2nd Edition, 1924. Compiled by the Song Book Committee; class of 1925; edited by Howard D. Mckinney.


Report of the Commission on Ethnic and Race Relations of Douglass College. January, 1972.


Viewbook - New Jersey College for Women. 1921.


Viewbook - New Jersey College for Women - Why NJC? Circa 1930.


Viewbook - Bulletin of New Jersey College for Women, Rutgers University. No.26, June, 1935.


Viewbook - New Jersey College for Women. 1943.


Viewbook - New Jersey College for Women. An Album of Familiar Scenes. Circa 1945.


Viewbook - Douglass College. Circa 1955.


Purely Platonic - Presented by the Junior Class, New Jersey College for Women. March 10-11, 1933


"From Pen to Coop" - Sheet music from the show produced by the New Jersey College for Women Class of 1939.


Report of the Commission on Douglass as a Resident College. September, 1969.


A Greeting to New Members of Phi Beta Kappa. 1928. (Gladys M. Francis, NJC class of 1929).


Toastmaster notes by Gladys Francis for the proceedings of the 9th reunion of the class of 1929, 1974 (45 years since graduation).


Rutgers University Graduate Students Registration and Record Book. Gladys May Francis, NJC Class of 1929.


We are changing our name. Douglass College April, 1955.


Douglass Library Daily Reminder. These books were used at the circulation desk of the Douglass College Library for keeping daily statistics.


Athletic Association Brochure – New Jersey College for Women. 1940s.




New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station and Cook College



Three letters from George H. Cook to William S. Stryker. Mr. Stryker was a noted 19th century military historian. The works mentioned by Professor Cook in these letters can be found at the Internet Archive (https://tinyurl.com/yabqt6ho).

Agreement between the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey and Benjamin Sears. 1888.


Four Leaf Clover - Yearbook of the Short Courses in Agriculture of the New Jersey State College at New Brunswick – Vol.1, 1913.


Four Leaf Clover - Yearbook of the Short Courses in Agriculture of the New Jersey State College at New Brunswick – Vol.2, 1914.


Four Leaf Clover - Yearbook of the Short Courses in Agriculture of the New Jersey State College at New Brunswick – 1921.


Field Day - June 15, 1927. College of Agriculture Bulletin Series 1, No.60. May, 1927.


Fifty Years of Service to Agriculture. Being a brief history of the New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station. 1930.


Stain Removal Chart. Cooperative Extension work in Agriculture and Home Economics, State of New Jersey, New Jersey State College of Agriculture, Rutgers University and U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperating. New Brunswick, N.J. November, 1944


Initiate’s Handbook. Cook Chapter of The Fraternity of Alpha Zeta. Circa 1946.


College of Agriculture, Rutgers University. Seventh Agriculture Field Day. April 29, 1950


Having 100 people over for lunch? Check out Community Meals by Marie C. Doermann. Cooperative Extension work in agriculture and home economics, College of Agriculture, Rutgers. January 1952

Ag Club Field Day. May 7, 1955. College of Agriculture, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey.

New Jersey Agriculture. Vol. 48, No.3. May-June, 1966. Published Bi-Monthly by the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Rutgers University New Brunswick.


Growing Your Own Organic Food by Mary Jones. Extension Bulletin 404.


RE:Search. Quarterly Publication of the N.J. Agricultural Experiment Station.


Food Facts from Rutgers College of Agriculture & Environmental Science.


The ‘Cook’ Book - Cook College Parents Association, 1983.


Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service Insect-Disease-Weed Newsletter - Some issues from 1993-1994 in .pdf format .


83rd Annual AG Field Day. April 28, 2001


Green Print Campus Newsletter. October, 2014.



Livingston College


Livingston College. Admission to the University in New Brunswick New Jersey. 1971.


Livingston College. 9th Commencement. May 25, 1978.


To Members of the Class of 1983. March 1, 1979.


Dear Freshman. May 12, 1979.


Livingston Ledger. Vol.1, No.2. Spring, 2000.


Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy


Scarlet Ray – Published by the Senior Class, Rutgers College of Pharmacy. Newark New Jersey, Volume 4, 1928.


Photo - School of Pharmacy Class of 1931


Scarlet Ray – Published by the Senior Class, Rutgers College of Pharmacy. Newark New Jersey, 1932.


Practice prescriptions written by student Attilio Mauro, Rutgers University New Jersey College of Pharmacy, Newark. 1933-1934.


Scarlet Ray – Published by the Senior Class, Rutgers College of Pharmacy. Newark New Jersey, 1950.



The College of South Jersey / Rutgers - Camden



The Gleaner - Rutgers University, College of South Jersey.


Sweetheart of Theta Phi Kappa. February 28, 1959.


College of South Jersey - Admission to the University in Camden, New Jersey. 1970.


Rutgers - Newark


Rutgers College - Admission to the University in Newark New Jersey. 1963.

Directory of Students - Students in residence in Newark 1964-1965.

Gallery.  Published by the Associated Students of the Newark College of Arts and Sciences of Rutgers. Spring, 1966.

Library reserve list. Maternal & Child Nursing. A.L. Clark, Professor. April 30, 1970.

Faculty Handbook. College of Nursing, Rutgers University. 1972-1973.

Criteria for Promotion and Reappointment. College of Nursing, Rutgers University. Circa 1972.

Handbook for Students. College of Nursing, Rutgers University. 1972.

Public Parking Lots – Newark Campus Area. Circa 1972.






City of New Brunswick, New Jersey.



New Brunswick N.J. Postcards and Vintage Trade Cards  - Some of my New Brunswick post card Collection. (More to come)

For more great postcards, check out this site from the New Brunswick Public Library: https://www.nbfpl.org/archives/photo-collections


Miscellaneous New Brunswick items


Souvenir of New Brunswick, N.J. - Miniature Post Cards in Colors. These mini post cards are replicas of the larger versions. They measure about 2 x 3 inches.


Souvenir Song: New Brunswick You’re Our Pride - Written for the 200th Anniversary of the City of New Brunswick in 1930.


The Official Book of New Brunswick - A Complete Survey through pictures and illustrated authentic subject matter signed by officials and citizens of recognized authority. Published by the Junior Chamber of Commerce – 1927


Views of New Brunswick New Jersey - Published by L.H. Nelson Co. of Portland Maine, 1905.


Save the Raritan - Queen of Rivers by Richard J. Walsh. 1928


Excelsior - The Yearbook of St. Peters Hospital School of Nursing. Vol.1, 1943


Annual Reports of the Free Public and Free Circulating Libraries of New Brunswick from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Our Public Schools - Section 2 of the Annual Report of the BOE, New Brunswick, NJ - 1938.


Directory of the City of New Brunswick New Jersey, 1855-1856.


New Brunswick in the World War by John P. Wall. 1921.


New Brunswick Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1828.


Hutchins’ Improved Family Almanac by David Young, Philom. Published and Sold by John Terhune No.31 Albany Street, New Brunswick N.J. 1855.


Hutchins’ Improved Family Almanac by David Young, Philom. Published and Sold by John Terhune No.31 Albany Street, New Brunswick N.J. 1856.


Farmers’ Almanac by Samuel H. Wright. Published and Sold by John Terhune No.31 Albany Street, New Brunswick N.J. 1858. This book has original uncut pages that I did not want to cut.


The Qualis - Published by the Students of Misses Anable’s School, New Brunswick New Jersey


Prelude to Revolution - Prelude to Revolution. The New Brunswick Meeting of July 21, 1774 by John A. Latschar. 1975.


St. Peter’s Hospital – What Has Been Done, What is Still Left to be Done. 1930.


Historic Map of New Brunswick N.J. Quartermillennial of the Settlement, Bicentennial of the Royal Charter. Anniversary Celebration, October 12-15, 1930. Notes by Charles Deshler.


Drama on the Highway. New Brunswick, New Jersey. At the Anniversary Time; The 250th Year of the Settlement and the 200th Year of the Royal Charter Presents the Pageant of New Brunswick or

“The Drama on the Highway”. October 13 and 14, 1930


Architectural History of New Brunswick, New Jersey 1681-1900 by Barbara Cyviner Listokin. 1976.


Prelude to a Revolution. A Commemorative Program at Kirkpatrick Chapel - Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey. Sunday, July 21, 1974.


Surveyor's map on linen - Property to be conveyed to James Neilson at New Brunswick, NJ. December, 1915.


Catalogue of the Officers, Alumni, and Students of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Dutch Church, New Brunswick, N.J. 1843-44.


Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Dutch Church, New Brunswick, N.J. 1857.


New Brunswick Yesterday. A Pictorial Glimpse published by First Savings. 1977.


Woodrow Wilson Hotel. Information booklet about New Brunswick’s distinctive hotel. 1929.


Woodrow Wilson Hotel. Formal Opening and Banquet. April 17, 1929.


The City of New Brunswick - Its History, Its Homes & Its Industries. Printed 1909, reprinted 1976.


Record of Christ Church, New Brunswick by The Rev. Alfred Stubbs, S.T.D., Rector. 1865.


Log Book. Girl Scouts, Third Division, New Brunswick NJ. 1932.


The School of the Prophets. A Sermon Preached in the Reformed Dutch Church Before the Board of Superintendents of the Theological School of the Reformed Dutch Church July 11, 1839 by Rev. Benjamin C. Taylor. Also includes a Catalogue of Students of Theology, 1812-1839.

Deed of sale from Albert Bollschweiler, sheriff of Middlesex County to Hyman M. Mann and Soloman Mann of Plainfield New Jersey for a property on Easton Ave, April 22, 1912. This appears to have been a sale brought on by a mortgage default and unpaid taxes.  Unfortunately, without more research on property ownership in 1912, there is no way to know exactly where this property is.

Program - Fortune and Men’s Eyes. George Street Playhouse. November, 1975.

Park ‘N Ride Rail Service. Jersey Ave. Station, New Brunswick, N.J. A final report on the mass transportation demonstration grant project. Tri-State Transportation Commission. May, 1967


Studebaker Telephone Directory - New Brunswick Plant. July 7, 1952.


On the highway. New Brunswick, 1680-1930. Supplement to the Sunday Times, New Brunswick, N.J., October 5, 1930.


NeverSlip Manufacturing Co. Catalog. Circa 1900.


Seventh Annual Performance of The Messiah Presented by the Oratorio Choir of the New Brunswick Council of Churches. December 9, 1951.


Brunswick Times. Vol.1, Issue 1. January 1998.


The Roosevelt Spirit. Published by the Roosevelt Junior High School, New Brunswick N.J.


78th Annual Commencement - New Brunswick High School. June 21, 1945.


New Brunswick Historical Club Papers and Addresses 1870-1938. Compiled by Virginia S. Burnett. 1938.


Advocate. Published Bi-Monthly by the Students of the New Brunswick High School. Vol.52, No.2. December, 1935.


Quiko Biscuits. Flako Products Corp, New Brunswick, N.J. Date unknown.


Jailbirds. A Fundraiser for the Middlesex County United Fund. 1951.


Pictorial History of New Brunswick. Originally reprinted from the New Brunswick Sunday Times October, 1930. Published by Clark’s Bookstore, 400 George Street New Brunswick, N.J. 1979. This book measures 12 inches by 17 inches.


A New Brunswick student’s autograph book. 1882.




My memorabilia display. See images of the display I put up at the Franklin Lakes Library in 2007.


My 2013 memorabilia display. Also put up in the Franklin Lakes Library. June, 2013.


Alumni Profile: Kenneth Lew RC’01 MLIS’04. Keeping an Online Library of Rutgers Memories.



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